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Hi to all my new followers. I apologize because this is the kind of conversation that tends to go on in my head, and sometimes, I post it here. You’ll either get used to my eccentricity or you’ll figure out that you followed the wrong weirdo. But I hope you enjoy your stay.

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I didn’t. I drank it all.




ladynorbert have you heard about this?

Indeed I have, and looking forward to it!

He’s 45 today and still a cutie. His request for the day was to spend it with me. I’ll keep him.

It’s almost noon and the birthday boy is still asleep.

It’s his day; he can do what he wants. I’m just hanging out in the bathtub.

*hugs* i’m sorry to hear you lost more of your vision T.T do you know what you’re sick with? please get well soon *hugs*

It’s called presumed ocular histoplasmosis. Basically, my retinas are slowly destroying themselves; my vision is very similar to that of someone with macular degeneration.

*hugs to you and everyone else who offered them*

Have you ever looked at your life and come to the sudden terrifying conclusion that you’re doing it wrong?

Kitten spam again! My parents have now relocated Asha and the babies into the sunroom, where they’re safer and have access to toys.