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Do you guys remember when I mashed up FMA with Ouran High School Host Club?  I did it again, except this time it’s FMA and The Avengers.  It was fun to do and inspired by an awesome art piece from the lovely and talented Sarlyne.  If you’re in the mood for a little over six thousand words of my particular brand of silly, click on that linky there.

(Because bayalexison told me to.) Herein are links to all of my existing fan fictions, categorized by fandom.

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Look who got all ambitious and stuff.  The crossover is DONE!  Thank you all for insisting I write it!  ;)

Crossover crack for all!


FYI, there will be a new chapter of the crossover posted within the next 24 hours, because I promised Darby that it would be.

Also also, someone sent me a review of Brilliancy saying that they might be interested in doing the Elemental Chess Trilogy as a doujinshi.  I don’t know if they’ll actually do it, but it tickles me all the same.

Just wanted to apologize for not updating the crossover as I’ve intended.  Between work and a shift in my family situation (my elderly great-aunt has moved in with my mother and I’ve been trying to help out), I haven’t had much time to devote to it.  But I should be posting an update by Monday at the latest, so stay tuned!

At least, everyone in the FMA or Ouran fandom.

I finished my FMA Big Bang before work! (Yes, Bay, Roy got a reference in to fancy tuna.)  I was a good twelve hours ahead of the deadline.  ”Triumvirate” will be made available to fans of the ECT as soon as I’m given permission to make it so.

Meanwhile, that means that I can now turn my attention to finishing the FMA/Ouran crossover!  And I’m off for the next five days, so you can definitely expect at least one chapter to be posted by Tuesday.

Chapter Three:  It’s Time for Another Good Idea/Bad Idea

(Hughes has called home to ask Gracia if it’s all right to bring the Hosts to their place to stay.  After she consents, he gushes over how wonderful she is before hanging up.)

He hung up the phone, smiling, and turned back to the young people.  ”Mrs. Hughes says she’ll be happy to have you stay with us tonight.”

Tamaki, as the tall blond had been introduced, was close to swooning.  His weird purple eyes had gone all dreamy, with inexplicable streams of water pouring down his face, and he had both hands pressed to his cheeks.  Somehow he’d even managed to fill the air around his head with hearts and roses.  ”You, sir, are an inspiration,” he gushed.  ”You treat your wife like a queen!”

"And our little girl is a princess," Hughes added, proudly.  "Here, let me show you some pictures of my little Elysia!  She’s five!"


Two hours later, following an extensive photo viewing and ultimately a lengthy slideshow of images of Elysia and Gracia, they finally headed back to the Hughes household.